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live performance - friday november 25th, 2005. naperville basement or garage. uh, yeah, just look jonester court up on google maps or something, you'll find it. starts around 6 or 7, maybe. i love math, kit fisto, and the jeremys. good free times, go.




2005.08.13 - 65 Finch Ct, Naperville - The Jeremys, The Cosmonauts, Thousand Dollar Girlfriend, I Love Math - Free Show, Free BBQ. 7:30

2005.07.30 - Ed Fest w/I Like... I Like Parties, The Hennigans, and Kamikaze Homocide


2005.07.21 - The Wheaton Grand Theater w/Tides of Gorgon and others    


2005.06.03 - Naperville Post-Graduation Cap and Gown Show   


2005.03.24 - Rachel’s House w/DJ Tenebrous    


2004.12.17 - Western Springs w/When all the World Sleeps and others    


2004.12.04 - Naperville YMCA w/DJ Tenebrous, The Cosmonauts, and others    


2004.08.29 - Dupagefeset w/many others    


2004.06.19 - Curt’s House w/Gunkata


2004.05.28 - First Congregational Church w/History of the Decline    


2004.04.30 - St. John’s Church w/The Jeremys, Tadpole Army, and others


2004.04.09 - Albrect Arena w/Hewhocorrupts, Angel Eyes, and others


2004.03.12 - Albreact Arena w/Jeffef


2004.02.20 - Albrect Arena w/Tadpole Army and others


2003.11.28 - Albrect Arena w/Encyclopedia Brown, The Jeremys, Thrillho, and the Plaintiffs


2003.10.31 - Halloween Show in Naperville


2003.10.24 - First Congregational Church w/Tadpole Army and others